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Bureau and Precinct Command Assignments


Since I have become the Interim Chief of Police, I have made it a priority to keep the employees of the Seattle Police Department informed about all of the changes occurring—I want you to hear about them from me first. With that in mind, I would like to give you some information about the reorganization of two bureaus and make some important personnel announcements.


Bureau Changes

The Professional Standards Bureau has been reorganized and will be known as the Compliance and Professional Standards Bureau.  It now includes Compliance Office staff; the Education & Training Section; and the Audit, Policy & Research Section, as well as the newly-formed Force Investigations Unit.  In addition, the Special Operations Bureau has been divided into two separate bureaus: Special Operations and Homeland Security.


Personnel Announcements:


I would like to announce the promotion of Captain Nick Metz to Assistant Chief.


I have made the following personnel assignments for my Command Staff:


Assistant Chief Michael Washburn                Chief of Staff

Assistant Chief Tag Gleason                            Compliance and Professional Standards Bureau

Assistant Chief Robin Clark                             Special Operations Bureau

Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh                      Homeland Security Bureau

Assistant Chief Joe Kessler                               Patrol Operations Bureau

Assistant Chief Carmen Best                            Criminal Investigations Bureau

Assistant Chief Nick Metz                                 Field Support Bureau


I have also assigned the following captains as precinct commanders:


Captain Chris Fowler                                     West Precinct Commander

Captain Steve Wilske                                     Southwest Precinct Commander

Captain Pierre Davis                                      East Precinct Commander

Captain John Hayes                                       South Precinct Commander

Captain Dave Emerick                                   North Precinct Commander


Clearly, not all of the assignments have been announced and we will continue to evaluate additional personnel assignments within each bureau.

Each member of my team is committed to my goal of achieving the highest standards in policing.

Harry Bailey

Interim Chief of Police