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Growling Suspect Runs Man Over With Bike, Compliments Him On His Wrestling Skills

Around 8:45 AM Tuesday morning, a bloodied, mud-covered man flagged down police in Ravenna Park, near NE 55th Street and 25th Ave NE and said he’d been attacked by a growling man with a “red afro,” who had chased down and run the victim over with a bicycle.

The victim told officers he was walking his dog down a hill by the park’s baseball fields when he passed the suspect, who was drinking a cup of coffee on a park bench.┬áThe suspect then reportedly growled at the victim as he passed him in the park.

When the victim got about 50 yards away from the suspect, he heard a noise and turned to see the suspect speeding toward him on a bicycle.

The suspect crashed his bike into the victim, running him over, and then leapt from the bike and pounced on the victim.

The suspect punched and scratched the victim, who fought back, biting the suspect’s hand.

The suspect then stopped his attack and told the victim he was “the toughest guy he has ever wrestled” and fled the scene.

Officers searched the area but weren’t able to find the suspect, described by the victim as a white male in his mid 20s with a “red afro,” about 5’7, 200 lbs, and wearing blue rain gear.

If you have any information about this clown, give police a call at (206) 625-5011.