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Teenager with Sawed-Off Shotgun Contacted, Arrested in Roxhill Park

Things were tense for a few minutes as police in West Seattle responded to a report of a group of seven to ten juveniles with a shotgun walking into Roxhill Park around 12:30 this afternoon.  A witness in Westwood Village reported seeing the group and called 911 after seeing that one of the boys was concealing a 12 gauge shotgun down the leg of his pants.  Officers arrived and contacted the group.  The suspect, a 17-year-old male, was contacted and an officer took control of the weapon.  The serial number had been removed.  The suspect also had a star-shaped badge, similar to a sheriff’s department badge, in a badge holder in his possession.    Both the badge and the shotgun were submitted into evidence.  The 17-year old was booked into the Youth Services Center for a weapons violation.  The other juveniles in the group were all interviewed and released at the scene.  Several of the nearby schools went into a temporary shelter-in-place mode when this call was first broadcast, but officers were able to contact the group and make the arrest very quickly.