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Vandals Hit Three Capitol Hill Businesses, Post Office Early This Morning

Vandals armed with spray paint struck on Capitol Hill this morning, damaging a car dealership, bank, restaurant, and the neighborhood headquarters of the oppressive regime at the United States Postal Service. 

Police found “Kill SPD” spray painted on a bank at 13th Ave and E. Madison Street, as well as an Anarchist symbol on a car dealership and “smash this” on the window of a restaurant, both at 12th Avenue and Madison. All three locations were tagged with the same white paint sometime early this morning.

Officers also found anti-police graffiti left on the wall of the post office at Broadway and E. Denny Way. Capitol Hill Post Office

SPD is anticipating the possibility of at least one un-permitted demonstration on Capitol Hill this evening. For more information, follow the @SeattlePD Twitter feed all day long.