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Suspect Steals High-End Camaro From Dealership Only to Ditch It Blocks Away

After breaking into a Lake City dealership early Tuesday morning, a burglar stole a Chevrolet Camaro Z28, only to ditch the high-end car a few blocks away.

Around 4:30 AM this morning, a private security guard called 911 after finding evidence of a rather dramatic break-in at the dealership, in the 11300 block of Lake City Way.

At the scene, police found tire tracks on the dealership’s tile floor, and evidence that a burglar had smashed their way into the business, grabbed a set of car keys, and then crashed the $75,000 Camaro through the locked front doors of the building. Both the brand new Camaro and the dealership were badly damaged during the suspect’s hasty retreat.

The suspect ditched the car just half a mile from the dealership in the driveway of a home. After recovering the car, officers called for evidence specialists to search the vehicle for any evidence that might lead police to this lead-footed larcenist.