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Officers Track Down and Arrest Auto Thief in Clyde Hill

A Lake City car dealership employee hopped into his own car Tuesday afternoon to tail a car thief who stole a vehicle from the lot.

Police were called around 3 PM after an employee at a dealership on Lake City Way Northeast witnessed a man steal one of their cars. The worker got in his personal car and began following the auto thief, all the while giving directions to the 911 dispatcher.

The suspect led the auto dealership employee, and officers, southbound on I-5 and eventually across Lake Washington on Highway 520.

Seattle Police and Washington State Troopers stopped the suspect, who was headed east on Highway 520, near the 92 Avenue Northeast overpass.

Police arrested the suspect without incident and returned the vehicle to the dealership. Officers later booked the man into King County Jail on investigation of auto theft.