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“That’s Not Acceptable,” Thrift Shop Employee Tells Arrested Groper

Police arrested a drunk man in a cowboy hat at a South Lake Union thrift shop Tuesday after he groped at least two women inside the store.

An employee at the South Lake Union shop was pushing a cart filled with socks through the store just before 1 PM when the 65-year-old suspect approached her and squeezed her buttocks.

The employee shouted “that’s not acceptable” at the suspect, who acted surprised and responded “oh, I didn’t know.”

Shortly after the incident, a customer approached the employee and said the same man had grabbed at another woman, who quickly left the store.

The employee and her manager called 911, and officers arrived and found the suspect in line at one of the store’s front counters.

Police took the man into custody, recovered a partially consumed bottle of vodka from his jacket, found he had a warrant for property destruction, and booked him into the King County Jail.

Police are trying to identify the woman who fled the store after the suspect’s attack.