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Officers Arrest Sex Offender Found Sleeping in Stolen Car

North Precinct Officers arrested a sex offender Monday morning after finding him sleeping in a car containing some suspected stolen items.

Officers responded to the 10300 block of Midvale Ave. North  at 9:10 am for a report of a suspicious car parked along the street. The officers arrived and realized the white Volkswagen Golf had been reported stolen. The officers approached the car and discovered someone was inside, curled up and sound asleep under a pile of blankets. The officers roused the suspect and discovered the man, a 44-year-old sex offender, had a misdemeanor warrant and two felony warrants.

Officers searched the car and found some items belonging to the vehicle’s rightful owner, as well as bags of clothing, several GPS devices, and climbing gear.

Police arrested and booked the suspect into King County Jail for possession of stolen property and his warrants.