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Chief O’Toole Seeks New Leadership Team

When appointed chief in late June, I indicated that I would take five to six months to assess the existing leadership team and to determine how I will structure the SPD command staff going forward.

Since then, I have recruited three civilian managers to fill the important positions of chief operating officer, legal counsel and human resources director. Tomorrow we are posting the position of chief information officer.

It is now time to consider sworn assistant chief positions. In fairness to experienced, committed members of the Seattle Police Department, I will welcome applications from all members of the rank of lieutenant and above, including those currently serving on the command staff. I will also advertise the assistant chief positions nationally and expect to attract a robust pool of external candidates.

I am committed to a fair, professional process that will produce a capable, dynamic leadership team to take the SPD to the next level.

Details of the selection process will be announced later this week and interviews will commence in January.

Sincere thanks to all members of the department for your patience during this transition period.