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Officers Involved in Shooting After Taking Gunfire From a Moving Vehicle

Officers returned fire after they were suddenly being shot at from a moving vehicle as they were investigating separate incident in the Brighton neighborhood.

Police were initially dispatched to the 4200 block of South Eddy Street to investigate a domestic violence incident shortly after 10 P.M. As officers were investigating the originating call, they heard gunfire outside the home. The officers exited the home and made their way to the street where they were confronted with drive-by shooting they just walked into.

Two vehicles were speeding towards the officers, as occupants of the trailing car were shooting at the lead car. The officers were in the direct line of fire with bullets being fired directly toward them.

Three officers drew their firearms and returned fire at the suspect vehicle, which then fled the area. Thankfully none of officers, or the occupants in the targeted car were injured.

Police are still searching for the suspect vehicle and its occupants which had been shooting at the other car and officers.

Detectives from the Force Investigation Team, CSI and Gang Unit are all assisting with the investigation.

The three officers who were involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative lead, as is customary, while the investigation is being conducted.