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Police Capture Two Teens After Breaking Into a Dunlap Home

Officers chased down and arrested two teenagers Wednesday afternoon after they broke into a home, confronted a woman inside, and stole money and electronics.

A neighbor called 911 when she saw two young men break windows and climb into a house in the 9000 block of Valdez Ave South around 1 P.M. The witness also pointed out which car the burglars were driving.

Police surrounded the house as the burglars stepped out with their loot. The teens fled on foot, but officers caught both suspects and recovered all of the stolen property. The woman the burglars confronted inside the home was not injured.

Police impounded the burglars’ stolen car. Officers could see a gun inside the car. The teens, ages 16 and 17-years-old, were booked into King County Youth Service Center on investigation of burglary.