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DOC, SPD Officers Make Arrests in Operation ‘Peeps Sweep’

A news release from our partners at the state DOC:

On Jan. 29, the Washington State Department of Corrections’ Community Response Unit teamed with King County DOC community corrections officers and the Seattle Police Department in a joint operation to arrest DOC offenders with active warrants who also have various gang affiliations and alleged supervision violations. Called “Peeps Sweep,” the operation was part of a longstanding effort to ensure public safety during major events, like New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras and Hempfest, as well as major sporting events.

From the start of the operation to its completion, officers made 34 arrests, 12 of which took place on the day of the sweep and included two new felony arrests, nine active DOC warrants (including two sex offenders—one for drug use and one for a GPS violation) and multiple gang-affiliated cases. Officers also seized several knives, multiple syringes, rock cocaine and methamphetamine pipes, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and cash associated with drug dealing.

While officers made several arrests, they also had positive interactions with more than 50 people previously or currently under DOC jurisdiction who were not violating laws or committing new crimes. These joint operations not only help prevent crime and gang activity, they reinforce community partnerships between DOC, law enforcement, business owners and citizens. Consistently maintaining a visible presence contributes to public safety, and several merchants expressed gratitude for the officers’ presence.

Peeps Sweep is another great example of the collaboration, information-sharing and camaraderie that exist between DOC and SPD through the in Neighborhood Corrections Initiative, a partnership that has existed for 17 years. DOC is grateful for SPD’s expertise and is happy to be part of this important work.