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Cops Catch Teens, Recover Pair of Stolen Cars Following Ballard Dealership Break-In

Police arrested two teens and recovered a pair of stolen cars after and early Saturday heist at a dealership, which was neither particularly fast, nor furious.

The case began when a witness called 911 around 4:30 AM and said someone was trying to break through a window at a car dealership in the 5200 block of Leary Avenue NW.

The suspect grabbed several keys from a dealership drop box and fled the scene in a stolen Volkswagen Jetta before officers arrived.

About two hours later, around 6:30 AM, Sergeant John Stevens spotted the stolen Jetta driving north on Aurora Avenue and tried to pull in behind the car. As Sgt. Stevens drove after the suspect, a gold Lexus SUV pulled in front of his patrol car, blocking him from getting behind the Jetta.

Officers followed the Lexus and the Volkswagen east from Aurora to North Seattle Community College, where the Jetta driver pulled into a parking lot. As officers arrested the 15-year-old boy driver behind the wheel of the Jetta, the Lexus sped away.

As officers interviewed the 15-year-old about the break-in, police continued their search for the Lexus. Around 7:30 AM, officers found the SUV in the 10000 block of Linden Avenue, and spotted the driver dashing away from the vehicle. Officers found the 17-year-old boy at a nearby apartment building and took him into custody. Police found a Lexus key in the boy’s pocket and learned he had also stolen the SUV that morning.

Officers released the 15-year-old to his family, and booked the 17-year-old into the Youth Service Center for auto theft, possession of stolen property, and burglary.