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Police Seize Assault Rifle, Arrest Felon After He Threatens to Shoot Up Brighton Home

Officers recovered an AK-47-style rifle and arrested a 45-year-old felon after he threatened to “shoot up” a home occupied by his girlfriend and her children early Wednesday.

Police were initially called to the 4600 block of South Brighton Street shortly after midnight after a woman reported that her boyfriend was carrying a rifle and had threatened to kill her. The victim told police the man had pulled out the rifle during an argument stated he would “shoot up the house”. The suspect then left the home.

Officers began searching the neighborhood for the man, and a K9 officer was able to track the suspect to his mother’s apartment in the 6700 block of Rainier Ave South.

Police arrested the 45-year-old man as he emerged from the apartment complex. The suspect told police he had stashed his rifle inside a closet in the apartment, but officers were unable to locate the gun. Officers later learned the man’s mother had hidden the rifle under her bed.

After seizing the gun, police learned it had been stolen in a burglary in the same neighborhood on April 8th. Officers also discovered the suspect is a convicted felon, who is unable to legally possess firearms.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail on investigation of harassment, possession of a stolen firearm, and a weapons possession violation.