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Horrible Man Arrested In West Seattle For Harassing Women, Trying to Bite Officer

Police arrested a 52-year-old man Thursday in West Seattle after he menacingly harassed two women on the street, and tried to bite an officer as she took him into custody.

Two women told officers the man had approached them separately on the street. One woman said she encountered the man shortly after noon while she was walking her dog in the 4000 block of 26th Avenue SW. The man shouted to the woman from across the street that she “looked pretty,” and then asked her where she was going. The woman ignored the suspect and kept walking, but the suspect paced the woman from across the street while shouting that she “would be missing out on all this love.”

When the woman turned around and started walking back to her apartment nearby, the suspect announced he planned to follow her. The woman later told officers that she took off running, but the suspect chased after her while shouting that she “looked pretty.”

The woman made it inside her apartment building, where a witness called police.

Officers Ken Mazzuca and Sarah Mulloy began searching for the suspect and found him suspect sitting on the steps of a home in the 2600 block of SW Yancy Street. When they approached the man—who smelled strongly of alcohol—he began digging in his backpack and struggled with officers when they tried to remove his hands from his bag. As they worked to take the thrashing suspect into custody, the man began growling and gnashing his teeth, and made several unsuccessful attempts to bite one officer’s inner thigh.

After police got the suspect into a patrol car, officers spoke with a second woman, who said the suspect had also approached her in the 2600 block of SW Yancy St., and blocked her path as he held his arms out and tried to hug her. She was able to get the suspect to move out of her way after she threatened to scream for help.

Officers booked the 52-year-old suspect into the King County Jail for harassment and assault.