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Blind Athletes Challenge Seattle PD in Beep Baseball

Some Seattle Police officers will don darkened shades to compete against the Seattle South King Sluggers in a game designed for blind athletes. SPD players will have to listen for the ball and listen for which base to run.

The public is invited to attend the Seattle Police Department vs. Seattle South King Sluggers match Saturday, June 6th, 12-2 p.m. at Rainier Beach High School Playfield. Food, drinks, and t-shirts will be on sale.

Officer Chris Gregorio noted, “Last year, the Sluggers beat the Seattle Police Department team. However, this is a new year and we’re practicing.

“The Sluggers motto is ‘beating challenges.’ We showcase what people who are blind can accomplish. This sport is highly competitive. The men and women on our team will compete against Beep Baseball teams in our region as well as nationally. Also, hope to travel to Rochester, Minnesota to compete in the 2015 World Series of Beep Baseball this August. “We play beep baseball for the fun, but compete to win!” said Sluggers Manager Kevin Daniel.

South King Council of the Blind (SKB) will sponsor this event to raise awareness about the sport and encourage people dealing with vision loss to get active.

“Too often stories focus on what sighted people do for this faceless category called ‘the blind.’ We want to change the dialog. Come see what we can and are doing to make life better for others,” said Gaylen Floy, president of the South King chapter that sponsors the Sluggers.


Kevin Daniel, Team Manager

Phone: (206) 979-5616


Gaylen Floy, South King Council of the Blind president

South King Council of the Blind is proud to sponsor the Sluggers.

Phone: (253) 217-9586