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Courtesy Notices Alert Motorists to Pay Parking Tickets Before Getting The Boot

Seattle Parking Enforcement Officers began issuing Courtesy Notices to vehiclesOVN Courtesy note with 3 unpaid parking tickets today. Notices encourage motorists to address unpaid tickets and alert them that after 4 unpaid tickets, the vehicle is subject to being booted with a wheel locking device; whether they are parked legally or illegally.

Courtesy Notices help motorists avoid the added time and expense of the boot and ensure motorists are informed even if the City does not have a current mailing address for the vehicle owner.

For vehicles with 4 or more unpaid tickets where the City OVN 30 Day Notedoes not have the vehicle owner’s address, a 30-Day Notice will be placed on the vehicle. In September 2014, the City Council approved ordinance 124558, authorizing the use of on vehicle notices, thereby holding more motorists accountable for their unpaid parking tickets. Previously, a vehicle could not be booted if the City did not have an owner’s address because the ordinance required written notice by mail. Motorists who register their vehicles in other states will now be eligible to receive the boot if parking debt is left unpaid.

For the past 3 years, Parking Enforcement Officers have partnered with homeless advocates and outreach workers to work with individuals living in their vehicle who may also have unpaid parking tickets. Parking Enforcement Officers have issued advisory notices to these vehicles, without booting the vehicle, while connecting the vehicle owner with City programs and additional resources including support with resolving parking tickets through payment plans or community service. These remedies are also available to low-income individuals with outstanding parking tickets.

“Understanding that access to transportation is critical for economic mobility, HSD is committed to continuing its to work with advocates for low-income and homeless populations to ensure people who are living in their vehicles and others in need are connected to resources that will prevent booting their vehicles,” said Human services Director, Catherine Lester.

Motorists can check for outstanding parking tickets using their vehicle license plate through the Court’s website: or by calling Court Public Services at (206) 684-5600.

For more information about the City’s Scofflaw Notice and Boot program, please visit

For answers to some of the more common questions, please read the On Vehicle Noticing fact sheet.

For questions related to outstanding tickets and payment methods: Seattle Municipal Court, 206-684-5600