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Major Crimes Detectives Seek to Return Hundreds of Stolen Items After Arresting Burglary Crew Ringleader

The suspected ringleader of a prolific ring of burglars told SPD Major Crimes Taskforce detectives he “knew this day was coming” after they arrested him and his girlfriend at a motel near University Village Wednesday.

The arrest led detectives to search the suspects’ truck and a storage unit, where they found hundreds of pieces of suspected stolen jewelry and electronic in a storage locker and truck. Now police are looking to return the items to their rightful owners.

Detectives have been chasing the 30-year-old man, his 22-year-old girlfriend, and at least five other suspects for the last two months, after the ring of thieves committed dozens of burglaries in North Seattle. Police believe the crew of serial burglars broke into homes during the day and targeted businesses at night. Detectives also say the ring of suspects was involved in a break-in at 22 storage units in the University Village area.

Police have also learned that, in at least one instance, the crew placed a small camera at a local grocery store, capturing staff entering the combination on a safe behind a counter. The thieves reportedly recovered their camera later on and then returned to the store, where they accessed the safe and made off with cash.

On Tuesday, detectives spotted the suspected ringleader’s truck at a motel near NE 50th St. and NE Blakely St. Tuesday afternoon and, with the assistance of SWAT, patrol officers, and the King County Sheriff’s Guardian One helicopter, took the man and his girlfriend into custody.

When police served warrants on the suspect’s truck and storage unit Tuesday, they found jewelry, master keys to condo buildings, digital cameras, iPads, laptops, stamp and coin collections, foreign currency, stolen surveillance systems, and a box for a “Magical Sounds Potty System featuring DISNEY PRINCESS,” filled with football jerseys.

Police booked the 30-year-old man and 22-year-old woman into the King County Jail. Detectives have already arrested two other suspects in the case, but are still seeking three others.

If you believe any of the items pictured below are yours,  you will need to provide proof of ownership, such as a purchase receipt, case number related to the item, or a photo clearly showing you with the item. You can contact provide that information to detectives at