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Officers Arrest Drug Dealer In Downtown Park

A drug dealer caught the eye of officers Sunday afternoon at City Hall Park, where police found him sitting in his car, sipping beer and selling crack.

Officers were watching the park after receiving complaints about open drug dealing, when they noticed a man wearing one black glove, drinking beer as he sat in his green Chevy.

As multiple people approached the man at his car, he repeatedly flipped open a small metal mint container, dropped a white rock of cocaine into his black-gloved hand, and passed it off to his apparent customers.

Officers moved in an arrested the 46-year-old man and found he was carrying 5.3 grams of crack and $380 in cash. The man told police he was wearing a glove while dealing so he could continue to pass drug tests.

Police booked the man into the King County Jail for narcotics possession and are working to get a warrant to search his car.