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Police Investigating Gun Fight in Rainier Valley

Police responded to a gun fight Monday afternoon near Beacon Hill after witnesses reported hearing an argument on the street at about 12 PM, followed by gunfire.

Officers arrived at the scene–an alley to the west of MLK Jr Way S, between S Adams St and S Nevada St–within two minutes of the call, and began searching for the suspects and interviewing witnesses.

Police believe the first shots were fired by a man with a handgun, who opened fire on a black sedan. A second gunman then emerged from the vehicle, and returned fire with a rifle.

Officers found four vehicles and two buildings in the area had been struck by gunfire. There were no reports of injuries.

Witnesses saw the gunmen flee the scene in the black sedan and a brown Maserati. Officers were able to track down the Maserati about a mile away from the shooting scene and impound it for detectives. Police were unable to locate the Maserati’s driver, but continue to search for the man.

Gang Unit detectives are handling the investigation and are still working to identify the suspects.