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Officers Arrest Felon Find Stolen Handgun

Officers arrested a felon in Belltown Thursday morning when he was spotted carrying a handgun.

Witnesses called 911 early Thursday to report a man brandishing a gun in the 500 block of Blanchard St.  Officers arriving in the area spotted the 25-year-old suspect and while speaking with him noticed a gun in his waistband.  Officers discovered the gun had been stolen a week prior in a car prowl.  Officers arrested the suspect and found 2.6 grams of crack cocaine, 8.8 grams of heroin and $1,400 cash in his pockets.

Officers checked and found the suspect is a convicted felon and bared from owning a firearm.  The suspect also had a felony narcotics warrant for $15,000.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for narcotics charges, possession of a stolen firearm and the felony warrant.