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Teens Arrested for Attempted Burglary on Beacon Hill

Officers arrested a 16-year-old Monday after he attempted to break into a house on Beacon Hill.

The victims were home when they heard a light knocking on their front door around 10:30 AM, followed by hard kicks on their back door. One of the victims looked out the window and got a good look at the four suspects before another person inside the house screamed. The scream scared the suspects off before they were able to break down the door.

Police found the suspects nearby, but they took off running when officers approached them. Police followed the suspects over fences and through several yards, eventually catching up to both teens.

One 16-year-old suspect was located under a house where he had broken latticework to gain access. The other suspect surrendered to police in the yard of another home.

Officers found two black backpacks, a jacket, sweatshirt, and some jewelry strewn across the yards of several homes. One backpack contained a laptop, iPad, a destroyed piggy bank and some cash.

Police booked the 16-year-old into the Youth Service Center for investigation of burglary and released the 14-year-old from the precinct after interviewing him and contacting his family.