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Detectives Investigating South Seattle Necklace Robberies

Detectives say suspects in a series of robberies in South Seattle are stealing jewelry right off the necks and hands of victims. Over the last two months, police have received numerous reports of suspects snatching valuable necklaces, jewelry, wallets and cellphones from victims in the Rainier Valley and Beacon Hill. Officers have arrested suspects in several recent robberies in the South Precinct, but these crimes have continued. Necklaces have been taken from victims in at least nine cases.

Detectives are still working to solve one recent robbery, which was captured on surveillance cameras at a medical office in the 4200 block of Rainier Avenue South. Detectives are hoping someone out there recognizes the suspects.

In the video, recorded just before 3 PM on October 22nd, two suspects walk up to the office. One young man held the front door open. Police believe he was acting as a lookout. The second suspect entered the office, approached a 70-year-old woman in the lobby and grabbed a valuable necklace off her neck. The victim’s family members saw her struggling with the suspect and pounced on him, but he was able to get free and fled the building with his accomplice and a piece of the victim’s necklace. Both men ran southbound on Rainier Avenue S following the incident.

Police don’t know if these suspects are connected with any other recent cases, but police are hoping someone out there can help identify them.

The Seattle Police Department is urging caution and recommends avoiding displaying valuable jewelry, especially necklaces, in public.

Be aware of your surroundings when walking alone and enter a well-lit public area if you believe someone is following you.

If you are confronted by a suspect, it is always safer to hand over valuables than to refuse and risk injury.

Any details you can memorize about a suspect’s face, height, weight, clothing or shoes can help police solve a case. Be sure to call 911 as soon as possible. Dispatchers can provide translation services as needed.

If you have any information about these suspects or any other recent chain-snatchings, please contact detectives at (206) 386-1855 or 911.