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Officers Arrest Knife Wielding Man Inside Capitol Hill Laundromat

Officers arrested a man Tuesday afternoon for narcotics and weapons charges after his erratic behavior caught the attention of a laundromat attendant.

A laundromat employee called police to the 1800 block of 12 Ave when a man walked into the business and began yelling at himself.  The upset man then pulled out a knife and waving it around.  The employee took this opportunity to step outside, but as he did so a customer walked in the other entrance.  That man, seeing the scene unfolding before him, reversed course and slowly backed out of the establishment.

The two men called 911 while keeping any other people from entering the business.  Officers quickly arrived and talked to the man, calming him down before placing him under arrest.  Officers searched the man and found 2.4 grams of methamphetamine and a knife with a cereal box top sheath. Officers also found a second knife on a window ledge measuring a foot in length.

The suspect was booked into King County Jail for narcotics,weapons, and menacing charges.