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Robbers Arrested For Ruining Man’s Vacation

Officers arrested two people following an early morning robbery Wednesday in downtown Seattle.

At approximately 8:00 am,  the victim was attempting to enter the bus tunnel elevator at 4th Avenue and Pine Street on his way to the airport on vacation, but found his path blocked by a woman standing in front of the elevator’s door.

The victim attempted to get past the woman when her male accomplice came up behind the victim and removed his wallet from his back pocket.  The suspect then punched the victim and a struggle ensued.  The victim was able to get away from the suspects and flag down bicycle officers, who arrested the male 29-year-old suspect at the scene. Police weren’t immediately able to find the female suspect, who had fled with the victim’s wallet. The victim was so unnerved by the incident that he was forced to cancel his planned vacation.

Later that day, at 2:00 pm, police were dispatched to a report of a woman shoplifting at a downtown store.  Officers quickly arrested the shoplifter, and discovered the woman was the same suspect they’d been looking for in connection with the earlier elevator robbery.

Police searched the woman and located the man’s stolen wallet, as well as other stolen identifications, credit cards and checks.

Both the 29-year-old male and 41-year-old female were eventually booked into the King County Jail for robbery and possession of stolen property.