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Update On February 21, 2016 Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation

The Seattle Police Department is releasing evidence gathered as part of an ongoing investigation into a February 21, 2016, officer-involved shooting.  The investigation into the officers’ use of force remains ongoing. The Department is releasing additional information in response to community requests. Only evidence that has been fully processed and which does not compromise remaining aspects of the investigation is being disclosed at this time.

By releasing these statements and evidence, SPD does not intend to convey any interpretation or prejudgment regarding the actions of Che Taylor, witnesses at the scene, or the involved officers. The Department intends only to provide the public a direct look at evidence that has been examined by the Force Investigation Team. The Department has not reached any conclusions in this case as to the officers’ use of force, and the Department continues to encourage anyone who may have information regarding the incident to contact the Force Investigation Team at (206) 684-9292.

Prior statements regarding the incident can be found here and here.

The following audio clip contains North Precinct radio traffic from the point at which officers first requested additional officers to assist in Taylor’s arrest (at 3:44 p.m.) to the point at which medics were requested (at 4:16 p.m.). In the interest of providing a complete record, the Department is releasing the audio clip, which also contains broadcasts concerning unrelated events, in full. Please note that because radio traffic recordings are voice activated, recordings do not capture time between transmissions. For purposes of orientation, the officers’ call sign is 292. Only potentially personally identifying information relating to witnesses or persons not involved in this incident has been redacted from this clip.

The following video clip contains a statement from the female passenger who was in the back seat of the Taurus at the time Taylor was shot. This video was recorded by a rear-facing patrol car camera shortly after the incident.

The Department is also releasing the full audio recordings of the Force Investigation Team’s interviews with the male and female occupants of the Taurus. Only personally identifying information has been redacted from these statements.

Interview with female occupant:

Interview with male occupant:

Investigators have submitted several pieces of physical evidence to the Washington State Crime Lab for forensic analysis. This evidence includes a holster found on Taylor’s right hip; this holster was cut off at the scene by a Seattle Firefighter involved in providing medical treatment.

Clip of interview with Seattle Firefighter:

Following the incident, the Taurus was towed to a secure facility, where detectives served a search warrant.

During that search, the handgun pictured above was recovered from the front passenger side door floor of the Taurus. This gun has been submitted to the Washington State Crime Lab for forensic analysis.

Results from all forensic testing will be added to this case file upon completion. Investigators continue to follow up with witnesses and pursue additional leads.

Please visit the Force Investigation Team’s homepage for more information on the FIT investigative process.