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Felon Fires Gun, Hides In Bushes, Gets Arrested

A convicted felon was arrested Wednesday after he was caught with a stolen handgun following a report of gunfire in the Colman neighborhood.

Police received reports of shots fired in the 900 block of 25th Avenue South around 1 AM Wednesday, and officers arrived and found a man hiding behind a car in nearby parking lot.

The 23-year-old-man then jumped into some bushes in an apparent attempt to hide. Officers quickly retrieved the man from the shrubbery and detained him, and found a loaded 9 mm handgun on the ground next to the car he’d ducked behind.

Officers found the same car had a shattered window and multiple shell casings, and officers found matching casings in the man’s pockets. Police then discovered the gun they’d found at the scene had been reported stolen in Tukwila.

The man, a convicted felon who is legally prohibited from having a gun, claimed to not know there was a gun in the bushes, but couldn’t explain the empty shell casing in his pocket.

Officers placed the man under arrest and booked him into King County Jail for firearms violations, possession of a stolen firearm and drive-by shooting.