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Bike Officers Use Naloxone to Revive Man After Overdose

A team of bike officers used Naloxone and CPR to revive a 27-year-old man after he suffered from an overdose Monday on Capitol Hill.

Around 4 PM, police received a report of an overdose in the 1500 block of Belmont Avenue.

Bike Patrol Officers Drew Fowler and Chris Myers pedaled to the scene, where they met Officer Devlin Carey, who was performing CPR on the 27-year-old man. The man had stopped breathing, turned pale, and was lying next to several hypodermic needles on the ground.

Officer Fowler gave the man a dose of Naloxone and, less than a minute later, the man began breathing again.

Seattle Fire Department medics arrived minutes later and took over treatment of the man, who declined to go to the hospital.

This incident marks the 12th time officers have successfully used Naloxone since Seattle police began carrying it in mid-March. The case will become part of the ongoing study conducted by the University of Washington into SPD’s use of Naloxone for a possible department-wide deployment.

As a reminder, Washington  law provides immunity from criminal drug possession charges for anyone seeking medical aid for themselves or someone else experiencing an overdose.