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South Precinct Robbery Patrol Leads to Two Arrests In Necklace-Snatching

Two 19-year-old men were arrested Tuesday evening in the South Precinct after they knocked a man to the ground and stole his necklace.

Police received a 911 call from the 36-year-old victim around 6 PM, and said he’d just been robbed near 50th Avenue South and South Snoqualmie Street. One of the suspects reportedly approached the man from behind and tugged at his necklace. When the necklace didn’t break, the suspects shoved the victim to the ground, ripped off his gold chain, and then ran to a white Ford Crown Victoria and sped away.

The victim called 911 and, just five minutes later, Gang Unit Detectives Jeremy Pinkerton and Adam Clinton, who were working in an emphasis patrol in the area following a spate of recent robberies, spotted the suspects near Wilson Avenue South and South Lucille Street and pulled them over.

A witness was able to identify two 19-year-old men in the car as suspects in the case, and police booked the two men into the King County Jail for robbery. Detectives are also investigating whether the men are connected to any of the other recent robberies in the area.