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Early Morning Theft of Forklift, Attempt Theft of ATM on Aurora

Officers responded to an alarm at a cash machine near N. 125th and Aurora Avenue North at around 3:30 am Sunday morning.  The cash machine is a small, freestanding building  in a large parking lot. Upon arrival, officers found that a large forklift had been used to knock over the cash machine building and destroy the contents. No suspects were located in the area. The forklift was still running and appeared to have been “hotwired.”  It is believed that the forklift was taken from a nearby home improvement store, but this has not been confirmed.  The forklift was impounded. A bank representative was contacted and responded to the scene to secure the ATM.  It is not believed that any cash was taken, although the property damage is significant. Officers documented the incident, and detectives will handle the follow up investigation.