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Damage and Attempt Theft of ATM in Ballard, Another Stolen Forklift Found at Scene

Officers responded to an alarm at a free standing ATM in the 900 block of NW 45th Street early Friday morning.  A large forklift was still at the scene, and the ATM had been knocked over and damaged.

Just before 5:00 am, officers responded to the alarm call and located the damaged machine and housing structure.  A forklift was used to knock over and damage the outer structure of the ATM safe.  No suspects were located.  The forklift had been reported stolen from a secure construction site nearby.  The forklift was recovered by the construction company.  Representatives from the bank responded and stated that they did not believe any money was accessed, however, there was extensive damage to the ATM. The representatives took possession of the ATM.  This incident is very similar to one that happened early Christmas morning on Aurora Avenue North.  Detectives will conduct the follow up investigation.  Anyone with information on this morning’s incident is asked to contact Seattle Police.