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Police Recover Gun, Arrest Man After Finding Him Passed Out Next to Running Vehicle

gun 1 blurredPolice arrested a felon with a handgun Sunday on First Hill after spotting the man passed out on the street next to his still-running car.

Officer Jared Levitt was driving near Boren Avenue and E Pike Street around 8 AM Sunday when he noticed the man lying on the ground next to his Ford Crown Victoria.

Concerned the man was injured or having a medical issue, Officer Levitt pulled over and tried to wake the 27-year-old man, without much initial success. When the man did regain consciousness,  he made several attempts to get back in his car.

The man, who appeared intoxicated, told the officer he’d been “partying,” and police soon discovered the man had a suspended license, is a convicted felon, and is required to have an interlock ignition device in his vehicle, which he did not.

After arresting the man, police found a stolen handgun in his pants and someone else’s credit card in his wallet, and booked him into the King County Jail for possession of stolen property and unlawful possession of a firearm.