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Warrant Arrest of Felon on Capitol Hill Uncovers Drugs and Gun

Officers arrested a convicted felon in Capitol Hill for narcotics charges, a weapons violation, and fighting with officers Saturday afternoon.

Officers working in the area of the 1600 block East Olive Way spotted a man they knew had a felony warrant. The officers rode their bikes up to the 37-year-old suspect, who dropped his cup of coffee and tried to run away. The suspect kept reaching for his waistband and fought with officers as they attempted to place him into custody. The officers eventually handcuffed the suspect and recovered a his waistline. Officers also found 20 grams of methamphetamine, a small amount of heroin, and multiple pills in the man’s pockets.

Officers booked the man, a convicted felon who is prohibited from having a firearm, into the King County Jail for a firearms violation, drug charges and resisting arrest.