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Burglar Ditches Pants, Unable to Lose Police

A suspected burglar ditched her pants but was unable to lose police Thursday after she broke into a Lake City home and tried to hide in a nearby greenbelt.

Around 11 AM, a resident of the 12300 block of 23rd Avenue Northeast arrived home and found the gate to her house open. She walked to the rear of her home, peered inside, and saw a pile of suitcases stacked in her living room.

She walked back to the front of her home and saw two suspects–a man and a woman in yellow pants–walking down her driveway while carrying several bags.

The resident shouted at the suspects, who took off running to a wooded ravine across the street.

The victim called 911 and officers and a K9 team arrived and began searching the area.

The female suspect later emerged from the ravine and surrendered to officers. She was drenched and was no longer wearing her pants or shoes.

Officers seized the suspects’ van, recovered several bags belonging to the victim, and booked the 30-year-old suspect into jail for burglary. Police are still searching for the second suspect.