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Man Arrested for Early Morning Burglary in Greenwood

Officers arrested a man this morning after he was spotted breaking into a Greenwood neighborhood restaurant.

A witness called 911 just after 12 a.m. Wednesday when they saw a man break into a restaurant in the 8500 block of Greenwood Avenue North.  The witness said the man approached the doors and repeatedly pulled on the handles until the doors opened. Officers converged on the area and surrounded the building while additional officers went to investigate.  Officers spotted a 26-year-old man matching the witness’ description and stopped him as he attempted to walk out of the area.  After confirming they had stopped the correct person, officers searched the man and found two tablet computers in his pockets that had been taken from the restaurant.

Officers booked the man into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.  North Precinct burglary detectives are now working to determine if this suspect is connected to any other burglaries in the area.