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Teenage Tip Jar Thief Returns to Scene, Promptly Arrested

Officers arrested a teenage tip jar thief Sunday after he returned to the scene to talk to officers about his missing cell phone.

Victims began calling 911 just before 3 p.m Sunday to report a group of people stealing tip jars from Capitol Hill businesses. The victims said the group would enter the business and take the money before fleeing in a car.  Shortly after, a female approached a busker in 100 block of Broadway East and attempted to steal the musician’s tips. The victim chased the woman and caught her as she entered a nearby alley.  While attempting to retrieve his cash the suspect’s friend exited the getaway vehicle and began hitting the victim.  The victim released the woman who then escaped with the other male. The male suspect, in the process of assaulting the victim, dropped his cell phone and in his haste to escape failed to notice. The victim picked up the phone and called 911 to report the robbery.

Officers arrived and were approached by the 16-year-old male suspect who claimed the busker had stolen his cell phone.  Officers quickly took the suspect into custody and recovered the musician’s money.  Officers brought additional victims to the scene who confirmed the male was responsible for at least two additional thefts during the day. Officers searched the area for the female suspect but were unable to locate her. Officers booked the teen into the King County Youth Services Center.