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Vegan Cop Arrests Meth-Addled Man For Throwing Bottles, Hurling Kitten

A man, high on methamphetamine, was arrested in South Lake Union on Saturday after he reportedly threw a kitten against the pavement, and later hurled a bottle at a woman when she tried to intervene.

Around 8 pm, the woman was walking near 8th Avenue and Republican Street when she saw a 33-year-old man yelling, swearing, throwing bottles and tossing a kitten in the air, allowing it to fall to the cement.

The woman approached the man and offered him $100 for the cat, but he declined her offer and threw a bottle at her in response.

The woman called police, who arrived, arrested the man and retrieved the kitten, placing him in the front seat of a patrol car for safe-keeping.

With the suspect safely in custody, Officer Oliver Murphy walked to his patrol car to check on the kitten and give it some police-issue rubbies.

The woman who’d called 911 approached officer Murphy.

“There’s no way you’re giving this cat back to him is there,” she asked?

“Are you kidding me? I’m a vegan” he said.

“Oh you are? Me too,” she responded.

The cat was examined by the Seattle Animal Shelter and is doing well. He was placed with a foster family.

The suspect was booked for assault and animal cruelty.