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(UPDATED) Police Looking to Identify Burglary Suspect in Highland Park


Police have arrested one person after the victim in one the break-ins recognized the suspect on the street and called 911. Officers took the person into custody and turned them over to detectives. Detectives have not yet linked the suspect to all of the cases, but continue to investigate.

Detectives are attempting to identify and locate a suspect after receiving several similar reports in the same West Seattle neighborhood last week. The description and behavior of the suspect all seem consistent in the reported incidents.  In three out of the four reported incidents, the unknown suspect was actually inside the victim’s bedroom.

Police responded to burglaries where the suspect was inside the house in the early morning hours of  June 17th and 19th.  The incidents occurred in the 9000 block of 11th Avenue SW, the 9200 block of 12th Avenue SW, and the 9400 block of 13th Avenue SW.

In the first reported incident, reported June 17th,  the victim stated that the suspect was outside her window and never made entry into the house, however, she did observe his hand reaching inside an open window.  The suspect ran off when the victim screamed.  The suspect was described as a black male wearing black clothing.

In the next reported incident, about an hour after the first,  the victim woke to find the suspect inside her bedroom.  The suspect spoke to the victim and after several minutes left the house.  The suspect was described as a black male in his twenties, 6’02”, 220 pounds with a heavy build.  He was wearing a black hooded coat, black sweat pants.  Officers searched, but did not find the suspect.

On June 19th, just after 1:00 am, the victim was asleep in her room when she observed an unknown man inside the room, sitting on the edge of her bed.  The victim was able to walk past the suspect into another room where she called 911.  During that the time, the suspect left.  That suspect was described as a black male, 6’1″ tall, with a heavy build.  Officers conducted an area search but did not find the suspect.

On June 19th around 4:00 am the victim awoke to discover an unknown man standing outside her bedroom door.  The victim’s husband chased the suspect out the front door of the house.  The suspect was described as a tall black male in all black clothing with something covering his face.

Detectives believe that the suspect gained entry into the homes through an open or unlocked window.  Detectives are comparing investigative notes with the King County Sheriff’s Office to see if they have received any similar type reports, since these reports are so close to the county line.

If anyone has information on any of these incidents, they are urged to contact the Seattle Police Department.