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Officers Use Naloxone to Revive Man Downtown

Officers revived a man suffering from an overdose after they found him unconscious on the sidewalk on 5th Avenue, encircled by concerned bystanders.

West Precinct bike officers James Kellett, Jason Drummond and Joshua Goodwin were riding through the 1400 block of 5th Avenue shortly after noon on Tuesday when they were flagged down by a group of people, who were standing around the man.

The man’s skin and lips had turned blue, his breathing was shallow, and he was unresponsive.

Officers found a likely injection site on his arm and gave him a dose of nasal naloxone.

About 12 minutes later, the man regained consciousness.

As EMTs loaded the man into an ambulance, he apologized to officers for overdosing and said he had been clean for 50 days, but relapsed earlier that day after some troubling events in his life.

Seattle Police have successfully used Naloxone more than 20 times since they began carrying it in mid-March 2016.

As a reminder, Washington law provides immunity from criminal drug possession charges for anyone seeking medical aid for themselves or someone else experiencing an overdose.