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Father Violated Court Order, May Have Taken Boys Out of State

Seattle Police are investigating a custodial interference incident involving two young children missing from downtown Seattle. The boys are most likely in the company of their father.

At approximately 8:00 pm on Friday evening, the mother of the boys walked into the South Precinct to report that she believed her ex-boyfriend and father of the boys had disappeared with them after he was supposed to take them to Disneyland on a court-approved unsupervised visitation trip.

The mother stated that the father had been granted permission by the court to take the boys to Disneyland.  The boys were picked up by their father Thursday and then spent the night at a hotel in downtown Seattle and were supposed to fly to California on Friday afternoon. The father and the boys would then stay with his parents in California Friday night.  The mother stated that she called her ex on Friday afternoon on the phone in his hotel room, asking why they weren’t on the flight.  According to the mother, the suspect became angry and hung up on her.  She stated she then called his parents in California who told her they had no idea that their son was planning on visiting with the boys.

The mother then contacted the hotel the suspect and boys were scheduled to stay at in California and discovered that the reservation had been cancelled Friday morning.

After the mother reported the incident, officers confirmed that the suspect and boys had left their downtown hotel by 4:00 pm Friday, but no one has heard from them since that time.

The suspect was allowed by court order to take the boys to California, but needed to provide an itinerary and remain in contact with the mother.

The suspect, Gennaro Passaro, 49, is described as 6’00 tall and 200 pounds.  He has black hair and hazel eyes. He was last wearing a white and blue checked shirt, navy sweater, gray scarf and jeans.  Biagio Passaro is 6 years old, 4′ tall, 44 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes.  He was last seen wearing a camouflage shirt and shoes.  His brother is Federico Passaro, 5 years old, 4′ tall, 40 pounds, blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was also wearing a camouflage shirt and shoes.  They were last seen in a white mini van with unknown license plates.

If you see them or have any information on this incident please call 911.