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Suspicious Incidents in North Seattle

Seattle Police are looking into two separate reports of two different men attempting to speak with kids while they were either standing at a bus stop or walking past his vehicle on Monday.

The first incident was reported at approximately 7:30 am on Lake City Way NE.  A group of kids were waiting at a bus stop with parents when an unknown male in a van drove by and then stopped, got out, and attempted to speak with the kids.  One of the parents immediately identified herself, and the male drove off.  Police were notified and searched the area, but did not locate him.

The second incident occurred at about 4:30 pm on Crown Hill.  A  12-year-old girl was walking through a parking lot when she walked past a man standing outside a van who attempted to speak with her.  The girl ran away and got on the nearest bus away from the area.

Both of these incidents were documented on separate police reports.  Detectives do not believe that the two reported incidents are related. However, this may be a good time to review some safety tips with your children, which can be found here.