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Man With Stab Wounds Arrested for Robbery

A wounded and bloodied 28-year-old man told police he’d been stabbed by a woman about an hour before he was arrested by police for attempting to rob a man outside a South Seattle gas station. He did not say why he’d been stabbed.

Just after midnight, police were called to the 2800 block of Rainier Avenue South after a man called police and said he’d been robbed. The victim was walking to a bus stop when the suspect walked over from a nearby gas station and asked to use the victim’s cellphone.

When the victim declined, the suspect grabbed the victim’s necklace and took off running. The victim pulled out his cellphone and called police, and officers were able to take the suspect into custody a short time later.

Officers noticed the multiple stab wounds on the suspect’s arms and asked him about what had happened. He claimed a woman had stabbed him in the arm and stolen cash from him an hour earlier, but did not elaborate further.

A witness found the victim’s necklace a short distance away from the scene of the robbery and returned it.

Police booked the 28-year-old suspect into the King County Jail for robbery after he received medical treatment for his injuries.