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Community Members to Receive Awards at Precinct Picnics!

The Seattle Police Department would like to thank several people who helped the us to improve our services and address issues in the South, East and Southwest Precincts. Awards will be presented at our upcoming Precinct Picnics!

South Precinct:

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Erin Goodman

Erin is an embodiment of the South Precinct: she grew up in the Rainier Valley, works in SODO, and lives in Rainier Beach. As the executive director of the SODO BIA, she is a key partner with the Seattle Police Department in developing strategies to combat property crime in SODO and Georgetown. In fact, she has been a champion of Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), advocating for its expansion to SODO, and she has attended operational work group meetings and recommended candidates for the program.

When Captain Grossman was looking for someone to take the lead in revitalizing the defunct South Precinct Advisory Council (South PAC), Erin immediately came to mind. Captain Grossman asked if she would take on the challenge, and she immediately accepted. She has been active in growing South PAC, and in just a few short months it is on the path to stable footing.

Erin was nominated by Captain Kevin Grossman

East Precinct:

2019 Outstanding Community Member: George Bakan

As Editor-In-Chief of Seattle Gay News, one of the nation’s oldest LGBTQ newspapers, Founding Editor and Publisher George Bakan helped launch the newspaper in 1977.  Throughout his many years as an activist and community leader, George has been directly involved with HIV/AIDS prevention, LGBT civil rights, is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and has worked on countless campaigns as a chair or co-chair on Capitol Hill.  

Nominated by: LGBTQ Liaison Officer Jim Ritter

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Victoria Beach

The current Chair for the African-American Advisory Council, Victoria Beach’s leadership helps provide a forum to actively partner with SPD in reducing crime, helping to improve the quality of life for Seattle and the East Precinct community.  Vickie is also a board member of EastPAC, and has been helping create a healthy dialogue and goodwill in the community for many years.  

Nominated by: Community Outreach Program Manager Felicia Cross

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Marsha Botzer

Marsha C. Botzer founded Ingersoll Gender Center in 1977 as an organized response to emerging discussions of gender identity.  Among her many accomplishments, Marsha was an early member of Hands Off Washington, a founding member of Equality Washington, and she served as a board member for Pride Foundation, Safe Schools Coalition, Lambert House, and Seattle Counseling Service.  She was a founding board member of Equal Rights Washington and is a co-chair of the Seattle City LBGT Commission.  

Nominated by: LGBTQ Liaison Officer Jim Ritter

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Lawrence Pitre

Lawrence Pitre was born in the Central Area of Seattle. He is a prolific artist who builds bridges in his community as Chair of the Central Area Chamber of Commerce.  Lawrence believes that self-expression is a key to creative cultivation, saying “Art is a creative exploration, which invokes thought and emotion coupled by techniques used to foster a relationship between its creator and beholder.”   

Nominated by: Community Outreach Program Manager Felicia Cross 

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Ken Shulman

Ken Shulman has been the Executive Director of Lambert House since 2003.  Lambert House has a national reputation as a leading organization in the Northwest for LGBTQ youth.  Ken was appointed by two mayors to develop policy for the City of Seattle, including civil rights ordinances for groundbreaking LGBTQ issues and programs.  

Nominated by: LGBTQ Liaison Officer Jim Ritter

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Stephanie Tschida

As the current Chair of the East Precinct Advisory Council (EastPAC), Stephanie Tschida’s leadership helps provide a forum for community to actively partner with SPD, representing the public safety, best interests and quality of life of citywide stakeholders and constituents. In addition, Stephanie is the co-founder of the Citywide Precinct Advisory Council (CPAC), and serves as a leader for multiple organizations focusing on prevention and intervention for youth.  

Nominated by: East Precinct Commander Brian Grenon

Southwest Precinct:

2019 Outstanding Community Members: Tracy Record and Patrick Sand

Tracy and Patrick are the co-founders and co-publishers of the West Seattle Blog. The West Seattle Blog helps the SW Precinct disseminate an immense amount of information, including meetings and event announcements, crime prevention newsletters, and crime and offender patterns.

The residents of West Seattle are extremely lucky to have such an amazing 24/7 news source like the West

Seattle Blog. And we at the SW Precinct are tremendously lucky to have such a wonderful partnership with

Tracy and Patrick. Tracy and Patrick are always quick to respond and assist us when asked.  They are being recognized as 2019 Outstanding Community Members!

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Lora Radford

Lora is the Executive Director of the Junction Association. She has been instrumental in helping the SW Precinct, and specifically the Crime Prevention Coordinator, launch the first Business Block Watch. Lora is a wonderful point of contact for the Alaska Junction businesses in the Block Watch and for the SW Precinct Community Police Team. The SW Precinct is extremely grateful for Lora’s unwavering contribution to the success of the Alaska Junction Business Block Watch.  Lora is being recognized as a 2019 Outstanding Community Member.

2019 Outstanding Community Member: Terry Hirata

Terry is the Senior Housing Manager for the High Point Seattle Housing Authority, and he is a dedicated member of the SW Precinct Advisory Council. Terry is an asset to the SW Precinct. He has helped establish and maintain trust with the police and High Point residents.

One recent example was the annual High Point Safety Meeting and Community Dinner. Captain Davis, Community Police Team Officers, Seattle Housing Authority Officers, and the SW Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator were invited to speak with residents of High Point about summer crime prevention, the importance of calling 911 to report illegal activity, and community safety. Southwest Precinct is pleased to honor Terry with a 2019 Outstanding Community Member Award.

2019 Outstanding Community Members: Deb Greer and Karen Berge

Karen and Deb are two of the three co-founders of the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network. The group meets monthly at the SW Precinct, and gives Block Watch Captains a chance to share information with each other, and hear directly from the Command Staff at the precinct.

How Deb and Karen collaborate with the SW Precinct is unparalleled. They work with the Crime Prevention Coordinator to disseminate information to our community members, and create and maintain Block Watch groups throughout our precinct. The SW Precinct would love to take this occasion to honor Karen and Deb for their constant support by recognizing them as 2019 Outstanding Community Members!

Community Member award winners were nominated by Jennifer Danner