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Fraudulent Temporary Tag Investigation Leads to Stolen Car, Guns, Merchandise

An officer on patrol Saturday morning in the Cherry Hill neighborhood noticed a car with a fake temporary tag and ended up finding a stolen car, a felon in possession of a firearm, and stolen property.

Officer John Chesney was patrolling the 700 block of 12th Avenue at 12:45 am when he spotted a grey Buick with a temporary tag with the letters and numbers in the wrong spots. The driver of the car parked at a gas station and Officer Chesney went to investigate further. Officer Chesney checked the VIN for the vehicle which came back as stolen out of Bellevue.

Additional officers responded to the scene and helped take the 30-year-old driver into custody for possession of a stolen vehicle. Officers searched the car and found a handgun on the floorboard and a sawed-off shotgun in the trunk. A 23-year-old passenger in the vehicle was also taken into custody for being a felon in possession of a firearm when officers located a shotgun shell in his pocket. In the trunk, officers located tools, clothes, electronics, and checks they believe were stolen in burglaries.

Officers booked both suspects into King County Jail. This remains an active investigation.