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Man Arrested After Short Run In Theaters

It was like something out of a movie (theater).

Officers chased after a masked man as he spilled bundles of cash onto the snowy pavement following a botched heist at a movie theater near the University District this morning.

Around 4 AM, officers were dispatched to a movie theater in the 4500 block of 9th Avenue Northeast after receiving a report someone had tripped a burglar alarm inside.

Police found a door had been pried open and began searching the theaters in the multiplex.

After discovering a damaged safe in the building, police spotted a man in a green ski mask darting out of the lobby, toward 9th Avenue.

The man apparently slipped in the snow and ice on the ground, dropping thousands of dollars in cash onto the ground. Several officers chased after the man, catching up to him in a parking lot across the street from the theater, as other officers worked to corral the loose cash and coins as they scattered across the wet road.

Officers booked the 46-year-old man into the King County Jail for burglary.