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East Precinct Demonstration Declared a Riot

The Seattle Police Department declared a demonstration on Capitol Hill a riot Monday evening after a crowd threw rocks, bottles and fireworks at officers and attempted to breach barricades one block from the East Precinct. 

Hours before declaring the incident a riot, East Precinct commanders had spoken and knelt with members of the group at a barricade line near the precinct. As the night continued, members of the crowd threw rocks, bottles and fireworks at officers, and attempted to break through a fence line at 11th Avenue and Pine Street.  

In response to the increasing number of assaults on officers and the increasing risk to public safety, the Incident Commander declared the incident a riot.  

Officers deployed less-lethal munitions and a mobile line of bike officers was established to disperse the crowd.  

While daily demonstrations continue to pose unique and dynamic challenges to the Seattle Police Department and the city, SPD remains committed to facilitating safe, lawful first-amendment demonstrations.