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Assaults on Officers During Demonstrations

Many of the demonstration cases sent to the King County Prosecutor’s Office are still being reviewed. This is just a small sample of assault cases sent over to the KCPAO for consideration. Additional charges or amended charges could be filed by the Prosecutor’s Office in the future.

On May 29th, 2020 officers encountered a large group of demonstrators in the Chinatown/International District. Officers were assaulted by punches, bottles filled with unknown fluids, rocks, hard objects, incendiary devices and lasers were shown into officers’ eyes.

Numerous businesses were heavily damaged with shattered windows and graffiti. Seven individuals were arrested in one reported incident.

Arrest #1-Demonstrator grabbed onto officer and a struggle ensued, causing both to fall to the ground.

Arrest #2-During a demonstration in the 500 block of Cherry Street, a female was observed shining a laser in officer’s eyes. She also threw several smoke bombs at officers.

Arrest #3-A demonstrator refused to move out of the path of officers and grabbed onto the officer. She was arrested for assault. Officers recovered a laser pointer and bag containing thirteen smoke bombs.

Arrest #4-Officers were instructed to keep a group from moving south in the 800 block of South Jackson Street during the large violent demonstration. An individual punched an officer in the head and also hit him in the head with a bottle.

Arrest #5-Officers observed a suspect breaking windows at a business downtown. While attempting to arrest the individual, he assaulted officers.

Arrest #6-Officers were flagged down at 2nd and South Jackson Street for a man who needed medical assistance due to OC exposure. When officers approached the man who punched one officer in the helmet.

Arrest #7-A suspect threw rocks at officers at Broadway and Union Street.

On May 30th at around 2:30 PM officers were facilitating a demonstration when a male ran up behind them and punched an officer in the head and upper body several times. The suspect was arrested, and a knife was recovered.

On May 30th, just before 4:00 PM, officers were facilitating a demonstration in the 1600 block of 4th Avenue and made an arrest. A member of the crowd pushed an officer and the officer used OC (pepper) spray. The demonstrator attempted to pull pepper spray from his own waistband by was stopped by SWAT officers. The individual was arrested and found to be in possession of a dangerous illegal weapon. He was later booked into the King County Jail for assault.

On May 30th at approximately 5:00 PM in the 500 block of Pine Street an individual attempted to grab the officer’s pepper spray during the large violent demonstrations. The pepper spray canister exploded with multiple individuals being exposed. The person was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for assault.

On May 30th about 5:00 PM officers were in the 400 block of Olive Way to facilitate a demonstration. Bicycle officers were enroute to provide emergency assistance to other officers who had multiple items thrown at them. One person knocked an officer off his bike while another person shoved the officer violently. Both suspects were arrested.

On May 30th, at 6:00 PM, officers were facilitating a demonstration at 5th and James. The crowd refused to disperse after an order was given. Officers were assaulted and property was destroyed. One suspect was arrested.

On May 30th at 7:00 PM in the 600 block of Stewart Street a person punched at officers during the large violent disturbance. The man was arrested and booked into KCJ.

On May 31st, just after midnight, officers were in the 700 block of Pine Street to facilitate a demonstration. Several people refused to leave the area and began to throw water bottles, chairs, pieces of concrete, fireworks, and a CS canister at the line of officers, striking one officer. One man stood his ground and raised his fists at officers. He was later arrested.

On May 31st around 10:30 PM officers were facilitating a demonstration. While a bicycle officer was moving the crown with his bike, a suspect reached out and grabbed the officer by the vest. When the officer attempted to arrest the suspect, a second suspect stepped up and kicked a Sergeant in the legs. Both suspects were arrested.

On May 31st just before 11:00 PM officers were in the 1600 block of 4th Avenue facilitating a demonstration. A suspect picked up a baseball-sized rock and hit an officer in the chest with it and then struck another person with it. The suspect was arrested the next day after detectives reviewed the officer’s body-worn video.

On May 31st officers were at 4th and Seneca for a demonstration. A female refused to move and threw a full can at an officer. Officers were making an arrest nearby and there was a growing aggressive crowd. Additional officers were requested. A second officer arrived and observed the hostile crowd. The crowd was yelling obscenities and screaming “All cops should die, kill cops.” The suspect threw a bottle with a white liquid in it at the officer, striking her. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail.

On May 31st officers were in the 1600 block of 3rd Avenue when demonstrator stepped into his path and pushed the officer, nearly knocking him over. The suspect was later arrested.

On Monday, June 1st, just before 6:00 PM officers were at 4th and Pine for a demonstration. A male and female both struck officers and a National Guard member in an attempt to free four other arrested individuals. They were both arrested for felony assault.

On June 6th, just before 8:30 PM, officers were near Nagle Place and East Pine Street facilitating a demonstration. A suspect approached an officer as he was dealing with someone else and grabbed the officer. The officer was able to break free and take the suspect into custody.

Detectives continue to investigate additional incidents and will work with the Prosecutor’s Office as these cases move forward.