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SPD Seeks Community Feedback on Draft Use of Force, Crowd Management Policies

The Seattle Police Department is committed to on-going critical review, learning, and iterative reform of policies, procedures, and training, and is looking to engage the community in ongoing innovation and change.

As part of the consent decree process, SPD is reviewing and revising its crowd management and use of force policies.  These policies are being revised based on internal recommendations from SPD’s Force Review Board, insights from OPA, the OIG, and the CPC, and recommendations from the public.  As required under the Consent Decree, SPD has provided ideas on policy revision to the CPC, OPA, OIG, the Department of Justice, and the Monitoring Team. SPD hopes to have policies in form as approved by the DOJ and Monitoring Team submitted for court approval in 2021. 

Now, SPD is looking for continued feedback from the public and stakeholders. SPD understands that many in the community have questions and concerns about these policies.  For purposes of transparency and soliciting feedback from as many community members as possible, and to inform further discussion, SPD is providing these policies in draft form at this time.  Comments or suggestions relating to these policies may be submitted to SPD, anonymously if you so choose, using the following form.  Comments or questions may also be submitted to the OIG, OPA, or the CPC.  

SPD further understands that there may be very divided opinions within the community.  As it has pledged to the CPC, SPD pledges to the community at large to be open and transparent with respect to questions raised and its engagement with all stakeholders in the iterative process of policy development and review.  While SPD will not be able to respond individually to each comment or suggestion received, each will be shared with OPA, OIG, the CPC, the DOJ, and the Monitoring Team for consideration as revisions and discussions take place.  

Please review the following draft policies and provide feedback via the survey links embedded at the end of each individual document.

SPD looks forward to your comments and ideas on the future of policing services in Seattle. We are accepting feedback through January 8th, 2021.

Use of Force Core Principles 

Use of Force Definitions 


Using Force 

Use of Force –Tools 

Use of Force – Reporting and Investigation 

Reviewing Use of Force 

Crowd Management, Intervention, and Crowd Dispersal