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Sturdy Mailbox Assists in Arrest

Officers arrested a 40-year-old man Monday evening after he passed out in a stolen car, fled from police when they roused him, only to have his escape foiled by a very sturdy mailbox.

Around 9pm, police received a report of a man passed out behind the steering wheel of a running Honda in the 800 block of NW 50th Street. Officers arrived and approached the unconscious driver, who awoke, put the car into gear, and sped away down NW 50th.

The suspect eventually drove up onto a sidewalk, where he collided with a condo complex’s mailbox, bringing the suspect’s flight to a sudden halt.

The man soon ditched his vehicle and fled on foot, but officers were able to catch up to him and take him into custody.

The man told police he’d been using meth and heroin, and officers booked him into the King County Jail for possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding, operating a vehicle while under the influence, and hit and run.