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Tuesday – August 17, 2021

#2021-213338/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-17-2021 at 0005 hours, residents of a condo reported hearing a loud disturbance in the alley. They watched two individuals with ski masks leaning over a third individual on the ground. One of the individuals was heard saying, “This didn’t have to go this way.” The witnesses observed a quantity of “powder” substance on the ground near the group. Officers arrived to find the unoccupied suspect vehicle still in the alley area and a male talking on a cellphone nearby. Officers noticed the passenger seat was saturated with blood. The male approached, claimed ownership of the vehicle, and stated he just returned from dropping his friend off at Harborview Medical Center for a broken leg. Officers confirmed with dispatch that a male with several stab wounds was recently dropped off at HMC by the same vehicle. The stabbing victim told officers that he “Doesn’t talk to cops” prior to being moved into surgery in critical condition. Officers recovered numerous Xanax pills at the stabbing scene and impounded the subject’s vehicle. Because of the male’s erratic behavior and frequently changing story, additional narcotics are believed to be on board.

#2021-213346/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-17-2021 at 0031 hours, officers responded to Alamo PL S/S Hinds St to a report of shots within a residence. Upon arrival, investigation revealed that the homeowner had awakened to interrupt a residential burglary. The homeowner pointed his handgun at the suspects and ordered them out, after which they initially fled. The suspects then drove around the block in a white four-door sedan and briefly returned. Upon observing the victim standing on his porch, the suspects fired multiple rounds striking the residence and at least one nearby vehicle. The victim responded by firing a round into the ground of his property, and the suspects again fled the area not to return. A canvas revealed no gunshot wound victims or other property damage. Officers processed the scene and recovered evidence of a shooting. Incident screened with follow-up unit.

#2021-213536/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-17-2021 at 0810 hours, officers responded to a noise disturbance that escalated to witnesses observing one naked male stabbing another naked male on the sidewalk. Officers arrived within 3 minutes and learned nearby witnesses had already taken the victim to the hospital. Other witnesses pointed around the corner towards where the suspect was last seen. The suspect was located at the entrance to an apartment complex with what appeared to be a self-inflicted wound to his neck. The male was unresponsive and had already lost a significant amount of blood. Officers rendered medical aid and transitioned care to Seattle Fire when they arrived. At the time of this report, the identities of both parties are unknown.

#2021-214092/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-17-2021 at 1956 hours, a suspect made entry into the closed Cafe Red where 3 workers were inside cleaning. The suspect, after recommending to the victim to NOT “be a hero”, demanded all the money inside the building. The victim told him there was no money inside the building. The suspect then pointed to what he believed to be the cash register and demanded all the money. The victim told him there was no money there. The suspect then demanded all the victim’s money, but there was zero money there as well. The suspect started to walk towards the kitchen where the victim’s co-workers were. The victim stepped in the way of the suspect to prevent him from reaching (and subsequently victimizing) his co-workers. The suspect then sprayed the victim’s eyes and face with bear mace. The victim screamed for his co-workers to call 911 while he then proceeded to defend himself and his co-workers with a broom handle while demanding that the suspect leave, all while suffering the effects of the bear mace. The suspect eventually fled the cafe on foot. The victim was treated for the mace deployment. Area check for the suspect was negative. This was screened through Robbery.